Many people want a good DSLR camera for capturing their life moments, for studios and for clicking purposes. Are you also looking for a good DSLR camera to enhance your photography skills? Our team researched the best cameras under 40,000. In India, the average or common budget for buying DSLR camera is almost 40,000. Now, It’ll not be a difficult decision for you to choose the best DSLR for yourself according to your requirement.

The list which we make for cameras are the best for beginners and semi-professionals. This list includes some favorite DSLR companies like Canon, Nikon, and Sony.

Check out our list for the best DSLR camera’s in India under 40,000:

  • Nikon D5300 : 24.1 MP, 39 AF points, 18-55 mm Lens, Wi-Fi + GPS
  • Canon EOS 200D : 24.2 MP, 9 AF points, 18-55 mm Lens, Wi-Fi + NFC
  • Nikon D3400 :   1 MP, 11 AF points, 18-55 mm Lens + 70-300 mm Lens
  • Canon EOS 700D : 18 MP, 9 AF points, 18-55 mm Lens + 55-200 mm Lens
  • Canon EOS 1500D : 18 MP, 9 AF points, 18-55 mm Lens + 55-200 mm Lens

Nikon D5300

Key features

Effective Pixels 24.2 MP
Optical Zoom 3x
Screen Size 3.2 inch LCD, built-in Wi-Fi, and GPS
ISO 100-12800
Included Lens 18-55 mm Lens
Auto-Focus points 39

The Nikon D5300 is one of the popular cameras in this price range. The Nikon D5300 has got a huge demand the price of this camera is slightly increased, maybe due to its performance. The camera is very light in weight it can be carried anywhere very easily. The saturation, exposure and color reproduction of this camera are top-notch. This camera is also perfect for shooting videos. The autofocus of this camera is very smooth and quick.

This DSLR offers Wi-Fi connectivity inbuilt which help in easy transferring of files to other devices. It has also added GPS, which is again an excellent feature. Considering all its features and specs, the camera Nikon D5300 is a great choice to buy.


-Good image quality. The 24 MPs come handy for cropping.
– good grip and the flip out screen with lv helps in eye level shots of subjects in the ground.
– light in weight.
– the bundled 55-200 mm lens is adequate for budget bird photography in the forests through its range means no good wetland bird shots. The images I got are surprisingly good with this lens at 200mm. Get this lens if you are a birder and graduating from PnS and are short of a few bucks.
– Iso performance is excellent and did not see much deterioration at 6400.


– Too small and plastic. Feels like a toy.
–  viewfinder could have been better.
-Iso range should have been increased a little bit more.

Canon EOS 200D

Key Features

Effective Pixels 24.2 MP
Optical Zoom 3x
Screen Size 3.0 inch LCD, built-in Wi-Fi and GPS
ISO 100-25600
Included Lens 18-55 mm Lens
Auto-Focus points 9

The Canon EOS 200D is a perfect camera to buy in this price range. This camera has a solid built quality which could easily take some rough handling and regular usage. This DSLR has a firm grip, and it is very comfortable to hold, thanks to its lightweight and compact design. The LCD of this camera has the perfect viewing angles, and its responsiveness makes it’s very convenient to use.

This DSLR camera performs very well in all lighting conditions, and the results are very good even in night shots and artificial light conditions. The camera is also very for shooting videos. The camera offers Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth and NFC which are the outstanding and much-needed features. The camera does not support a built-in microphone, but it has given external mic support input.


-Dual Pixel CMOS AutoFocus
-Super Compact
-Articulating Touch Screen.
-DIGIC 7 image processor.
-Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth.
-Excellent image quality and video quality.


-No inbuilt microphone.

Nikon D3400

Key Features

Effective Pixels 24.2 MP
Optical Zoom 1x
Screen Size 3.0 inch LCD
ISO 100-25600
Included Lens 18-55 mm Lens + 70-300 Lens
Auto-Focus points 11

The Nikon D3400 is also an excellent DSLR camera to buy under 40,000. Nikon always had a stable position in the DSLR market and here is another DSLR from them. The camera is very comfortable to hold due to its lightweight and compact design and offers a firm grip to shoot. The menu system and UI  are simple to navigate through and use.

The images and videos shot from this camera showed extremely high quality. The performance of ISO is highly impressive, and there is no visible noise. The Focusing speed is also excellent and quick. The camera does not support an external mic by port but it has given a built-in microphone of excellent quality, and it is sufficient for moderate usage.


-It has a speedy shutter response.
– It’s ISO is 25600.
– It has an effects feature which can bring some edits int your pictures.
– It’s straightforward to handle and has a good grip; you can never put it down.
– It is a full frame sensor, so it is best for photography.
– Its battery life is really good. You just have to charge it once in 3 days if you are a heavy user. Otherwise, it can stay longer.
– Its auto mode is awesome, but I recommend the manual mode. Auto mode does everything for you.
– Its pictures are very sharp and detailed.


– It doesn’t have a touchscreen flippable panel.
– It doesn’t have a microphone port.
– It doesn’t shoot a panorama.

Canon EOS 700D

Key Features

Effective Pixels 18 MP APS-C CMOS
Optical Zoom 3x
Screen Size 3.0 inch LCD Touchscreen
ISO 100-12800
Included Lens 18-55 mm Lens + 55-200 Lens
Auto-Focus points 9

The Canon EOS 700D is a popular DSLR from the Canon company, and it is also in very high demand in the camera market. The build quality of this camera is solid, and it seems to be highly durable. The small frame and compact design make it the lightest camera in its class. The touch-screen of this camera is very responsive and bright. Apart from the touchscreen control and the functions and settings can be accessed by the regular buttons as well.

The Resulted photos of this camera are very good photos captured in both outdoor and indoor light conditions or low-light conditions. This DSLR  also offers a good battery life which last to get through a long shot.

So, this is a very good camera to buy under 40,000.


– Good Image quality and colors
– Dual lens kit gives wider range of photography shots
-The touchscreen really handy
-Firm build feels comfortable in holding
-Fast processing of images, 5-6 shots /sec is suitable for beginners .
– Vari-angle screen helpful in taking shots from lower and higher angles
– bag / memory inclusive, so ready to go package


– No Wi-Fi remote support as possible with Nikon

Canon EOS 1500D

Key Features

Effective Pixels 24.1 MP with CMOS
Optical Zoom 3x
Screen Size 3.0 inch LCD Touchscreen with built-in Wi-Fi
ISO 100-12800
Included Lens 18-55 mm Lens
Auto-Focus points 9

The Canon EOS 1500D is an entry-level DSLR camera which is suitable for both beginners and semi-professional photographers. The 24.1 MP CMOS Sensor can be termed to be best fitted for DSLR models for advanced users. The large sensor-size increases the depth of image and allows you to take pictures with the background blurred. The fast and precise autofocus enhances the sharpness of the photos.

The low-light pictures clicked by this camera are very clear without any noticeable noise. This DSLR camera also comes preloaded with inbuilt five distinct filters and shooting modes. The support for NFC and Wi-Fi connectivity makes it very easy to pair with other devices and transfer files. This DSLR camera also has a GPS feature.


-The Canon EOS 1500D has an exquisite design.
-The Screen resolution of this camera is also good.
-A very great sensor that is CMOS is offered by Canon in this camera.
-The Canon EOS 1500D has a good built quality.                                                                                                     -The DSLR camera has good connectivity options, that is, it has Wi-Fi + NFC and also supports GPS feature.


– Plastic build all around
– Video and image quality not quite there


Here are the best DSLR cameras which we have picked for both the beginners and semi-professionals under 40,000 in India. You can easily get these cameras on the links which we have provided. Hope this information will be helpful to you. Thank You

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