ShareASale is the latest topic among people looking for making quick cash based on referrals. It is a strategy used by many companies to promote or advertise their products by using the backlink strategy.  In the ShareASale marketing, a user needs to add a link to the product/site from the company running the affiliates program, and every item bought while clicking that link, the affiliates get rewarded with some percent of share from the company.

This type of marketing is slowly booming in India. There are few reliable companies pay their affiliates on time, and also their products are high in demand among the public which ensures little stability in affiliates earning.

What is the Affiliate marketing programme for ShareASale?

ShareASale is a fast, accurate and efficient program for any advertisers/merchants to earn money online. It is one of the most famous and affiliate marketing networking programs. ShareASale Founded in Chicago, Illinois (2000) by Brian Littleton 18 years back. ShareASale Affiliate programme is one of the highest rewarding affiliate programs. It is equipped with the most efficient technologies that allow users to track clicks in real time and organize their data. This affiliate marketing network grants the users some excellent tools that enhanced efficiency regarding handling affiliate tools like links and tapped earning opportunities.

It provides real-time tracking that means if any user goes through from your referral link or even click on that link or if any user purchases the product will help you to generate commission. The affiliate needs to first apply to the merchant asking the product details that need to be promoted. ShareASale includes all the required information of the Affiliate that requested merchants that they need to know, but there is also an option to write a personalized request by the Affiliate. The merchant needs the affiliate to provide specific information such as the niche of the blog, URL link for the blog, or other information such as why the Affiliate wants to advertise their products. Based on the information provided by the ShareASale, Affiliate provider chooses whose request to accept or to reject. It is run by a very aggressive internet marketer who supports and encourages large-scale content theft and plagiarism.

How to make money with the ShareASale?

  1. Learn HTML- With HTML you can create your Website. So, you need to learn about HTML and things like how to insert images, create text formatting, hyperlinks and many more  

Before starting this related site.

  1. Choose the topic- selecting the proper topic is the most critical work because you need to know every detail about the latest and trendy topic that attracts people. You need to choose the topic very smartly to make money fast.
  2. Register the domain name you select- you can register your domain name at the same site you set up your hosting to make it easier for you. However, if you want to save some money, you can choose a lower-cost provider.
  3. Install a blog software-  This gives your site a suitable structure and makes it easy for posting new content. I use WordPress and also recommend you to use WordPress as it is easy to use and install. You need to follow the instructions to download.
  4. Promote your site- The most efficient free way to promote your website, put the sharing button in your blog so that people can share your blog on social media with their families and friends. You can also join in online communities and discussion forums where you can review your topic with other people.

How does a ShareASale affiliate link work?

The affiliate link work as mentioned below:

* By clicking on the Affiliate link.

* Browser visits

* A tracking cookie on the web browser is installed by the to associate any sales at the final target with the affiliate identification in the affiliate link.

* Browser redirects to the ultimate destination, any type of activity that visitor makes at the affiliate site will result in the form of commission to you.

What are the highest paying affiliate programs in ShareASale?

Here are some highest paying affiliate programs in ShareASale:

* Grammarly Affiliate Program

* Tailwind Affiliate Program

* OptinMonster Affiliate Program

* WP Engine Affiliate Program

* LinkTrackr Affiliate Program

* DMCA Affiliate Program

* NameCheap Affiliate Program

* StudioPress Themes & Genesis • Framework

How to increase sales and your income in ShareASale?

  1. Produce Quality Content-  To establish your site in the top rank at Google, It is essential to produce the best quality of content in your blog/website to get people and motivate them to purchase your affiliate link.

To create “great” content, you need to understand what you want to know about that product as an audience and try to write content as an audience to meet those needs. You need to choose merchant/products wisely.

  1. Use comparison Charts- To rank your site and make better than others, create a comparison chart table of the top survival edges on the market so people can compare the product with other alternative product. This will help the customers to select the product easily according to their needs and requirements.
  2. Give reviews of the product- people always want to know every detail of the product including pros and cons before investing money in buying the product.
  3. Use In-Content links- Using the in-content links on your niche site can send more and more people to ShareASale.
  4. Develop Template For Communications: Communication is very essential for any program updates, new creatives, data feed additions, top sellers, demographics, seasonal or holiday products, selling tips, etc. so, you need to develop templates for better communication with audiences.

How to Sign up on ShareASale?

Step 1. Go to the site, click on Affiliate Sign Up.

Step 2. Create your ShareASale username, password and select your country name.

Step 3. Add email address

Step 4. Select your payment method

Step 5. Agree with the ‘Terms of Agreement.’

Step 6. ShareASale will send the confirmation mail to your mail account, that you provided while registering.

Step 7: Click on Merchants and start the search for Merchants by-product.

Step 8: Browse the results, join a program.

Step 9: Write a description, read the terms and conditions, and apply for the program.

Step 10: Create the links for the product (or wait until the merchant’s confirmation).

Step 11: Browse creative inventory, choose an original.

Step 12: Copy the HTML code for the inventive.

How to start a website/blog?

Step 1. Pick a blog name.

Step 2. Get your blog online.

Step 3. Customize your blog.

Step 4. Write & publish your first post.

Step 5. Promote your blog.

Step 6. Make money blogging.

Let’s start your blog!


1) It has Lots of Affiliate Programs to Choose From.

2)It is so Easy to Use and Navigate.

3) It has Solid Reporting Features.

4) It is a trusted affiliate network which can guarantee quality and best support.

5) you can choose the right product or offer to make a fortune.

There’s a famous saying – “Every coin has a two side,” so does ShareASale’s Affiliate Program has its cons.

1) Payment Threshold May Not Appeal to Some.

2) Sometimes Doesn’t Notify Affiliates When Merchant’s Programs are Shut Down.

3) the product owner needs to approve you to promote his product.


Hope you guys liked the article about the ShareASale Affiliate Program.

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